Warranty Provision

What is the warranty on my product? 

    All Pioneer remanufactured items have a 90 day manufacturer warranty

    All Kenwood remanufactured items have a 30 day manufacturer warranty

    Brand New Pioneer Premier units have a 2 year manufacturer warranty

    Brand New Kenwood Excelon units have a 2 year manufacturer warranty

    Brand New Regular line Pioneer and Kenwood units have a 1 year manufacturer warranty

Refurbished Product & Their Warranty

Refurbished. Remanufactured. Reconditioned. Essentially, all of these terms refer to the same thing. But what does refurbished really mean?

A refurbished item is one that has been sent back to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons, refitted with different parts as may be necessary, and then tested and approved for resale by the manufacturer. Refurbished items typically carry a warranty from the manufacturer. Also, anytime a retail store or a consumer opens a product box and it is not purchased, or if the consumer decides he or she does not wish to keep a product for any reason - even if it is on the very next day, the retailer cannot sell the product as new, and often ships it back to the manufacturer. Once at the manufacturer, the item goes through the complete quality assurance process - much like a new item does before it leaves the factory - and the manufacturer is confident that it meets ALL factory requirements and specifications. The item is then repackaged by the original manufacturer for us to re-market to you. Most importantly, refurbished doesn't mean that you're buying an item with a defect or something else wrong with it. Refurbished items go through the same testing and approval processes as all brand new items.

All refurbished products hold a 90-day warranty through Sound of Tri-State. The return fee, which includes shipping and handling is $35.00 and all instructions on returning the refurbished product still apply. We will send all refurbished items to repair. Once the item is repaired it will be returned to you.

Remanufactured Products

* Refurbished by the manufacturer. Such units DO NOT include the original retail packaging, and is guaranteed to work perfectly. This Unit Comes with ALL accessories supplied by the manufacturer.